Whether strolling along the river’s edge or the breakwall, watching the sunrise or set, there are many enjoyable walks to choose from.

The Breakwall:

The Breakwall was built in 1894 to protect the entry channel for shipping, however it now serves as a scenic walk.

The Breakwall is approximately 2.7 kilometers long and there is seating at intervals along the way where you can rest. It is broken into two arms, one heading north, towards the Pacific Ocean (with sand over the rocks) and the other south across the opening to the Manning River. For an enjoyable stroll, fast paced walk, jog or a bike ride head along the south of the wall towards the gantry. The 1.65km path is concrete so it is relatively easy to push a pram or ride a bike. 

The Breakwall is hard to miss. The entrance is on Beach Street and there is a large car park on your right.

Harrington Heritage Walk

Strap on your joggers and take yourself for a stroll through Harrington’s history.

Starting at the Harrington Hotel on Beach Street meander along the waters edge where there are figures commemorating maritime pilots and early workers of Harrington. These men assisted ships entering and leaving the treacherous entrance to the Manning River.

Near the waterfront you’ll also notice towering Norfolk Pine trees. Plaques at the base are dedicated to locals. Continue the walk past the War Memorial Hall, the Pilot Station, an historical residence at 3 Beach Street and more.

Download the flyer here and strap your joggers on!

The Harrington Breakwall

The Gantry along Harrington Breakwall

Diamond Head Loop Track



Crowdy Bay National Park is picture perfect with plenty to see and do. Offering stunning views and spectacular flora and fauna, the park is full of life with wild flowers and birds that populate the lagoons and sand dunes. Watch the whales migrate during winter from the many lookout spots and be captivated by the many Kangaroos, Koalas and Cockatoos.

The park offers 4 walks including:

Crowdy Gap walking track  This is a short and sweet walk through rain forests with the chance to spot a Koala or two.

Diamond Head Loop walk offering scenic coastal views, stunning lookouts and deserted beaches.

Mermaid lookout track  a short hike exploring secluded coves, white sandy beaches and mountain views.

Metcalfes walking track is the ideal walk for nature lovers. It’s a relatively easy hike perfect for families.

The Park generally enjoys a warm subtropical climate. However outside of winter the temperature can reach above 30C, so be sure to carry sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water. Drinking water is not available within the park. Winter days and nights can be cool to cold, particularly in exposed areas of the park.

Enjoy Picnic tables, BBQs and Amenities, however pets and domestic animals are prohibited.

Access to Crowdy Bay National Park is either along Crowdy Head Road or Diamond Head Road.

For more information visit: National Parks and Wildlife services

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