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1.4 Purpose of this Document

This document is designed to help residents and visitors to be better prepared for the next emergency in two inter-related ways.

Specific emergency-related information

Section 2 provides information which will help you understand the role and responsibilities of various emergency services organisations. This may help you to find the help you need more quickly. 

Section 3 provides information designed to “help you help yourself” by outlining actions you can take through the three phases of “emergency preparation, response and recovery”. There are links to help you find more detailed information.

Building resilience through building community 


At the end of the day, how well a community copes with, and recovers from, an emergency situation is strongly influenced by the network of relationships and sense of community that has been built up over time. 

Section 4 provides information to help residents and visitors locate and engage with a range of community facilities, activities and volunteering opportunities.

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