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2.4 MidCoast Council


Local Councils play an especially important role in assisting communities in the repair and recovery phase following an emergency, including the establishment of disaster recovery centres, removal of rubbish, and the repair of damage to local roads, water supply and sewerage infrastructure. 

Telephone enquiries – (02) 7955 7777
Water & Sewer 24 hour service faults information – 1300 133 455
Email – council@midcoast.nsw.gov.au 

Disaster Dashboard

A very useful site to bookmark is: 

This provides information on incidents and conditions across the MidCoast region including current warnings and alerts. It also includes links to further information on preparedness and recovery.

MidCoast Disaster Recovery Hub

If you have been impacted by disaster in the MidCoast region the MidCoast Disaster Recovery Hub is a good place to find information and resources to support you through recovery. 


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