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2.3 Marine Rescue

Marine Rescue NSW provides a 24-hour emergency response, returning thousands of boaters in trouble safely to shore every year. It also assists NSW SES with flood response. The service is provided entirely by volunteers. Find out about volunteering at: 


In a boating emergency
Radio Channel 16 on VHF or Channel 88 on 27MHz, or ring Triple Zero (000)

Harrington Marine Rescue Unit Base
8-10 Beach Street, Harrington NSW 2427
Phone: 02 6556 1564
Email: base.crowdyharrington@marinerescuensw.com.au 

The MarineRescue App

The MarineRescue App connects you directly to Marine Rescue NSW, making it easy to log on when you go out on the water. It is a great addition to your safety toolkit.

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